M-D Pneumatics® is an industry trusted source for providing quality products in the dry and liquid bulk transport industry. The advanced designs of our transport products offer many enhanced features for improved performance and durability. Boasting higher bearing load ratings than competitors and designs that minimize maintenance and downtime, M-D Pneumatics® blowers are recognized industry-wide for their power and reliability, making them a flexible solution for dry bulk transport applications. Our highly efficient Torex hydraulic coolers deliver efficient cooling capacity for your hydraulically driven equipment.  

Dry Bulk Blower Solutions With Enhanced Design

Dry bulk blowers are designed to provide a range of flows that are suited for loading and discharging dry bulk products like cement, lime, sugar, sand, plastic pellets, corn, and wheat. Enhanced design features of M-D Pneumatic transport blowers increase efficiency, save operating costs, reduce slip and sound, and allow you to reach new pressure and vacuum levels. 

Truck Blower Benefits


Fewer Oil Changes

Transport blowers from MD-Pneumatics offer the largest oil sumps on the market, providing better cooling than previous models and competitors.

Longest Bearing Life

Renowned for being the toughest dry bulk and liquid bulk blowers on the market. Our design features larger bearings than competitors to deliver a more reliable machine with a longer life cycle.

Simple Design

The T855/T855RS/T1055 bulk blower design has fewer sealing surfaces meaning fewer parts, fewer leak paths, and fewer areas that could allow salt or debris to collect and corrode.


Dry Bulk Blower by MD Pneumatics Features and Benefits
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TOREX Hydraulic Oil Cooler for Liquid Bulk Transport

M-D Pneumatics® has long been known for providing quality products to the bulk hauling industry and is proud to now offer the TOREX hydraulic oil cooler. The TOREX hydraulic oil cooler is a pre-engineered, affordable, and highly efficient hydraulic oil cooling package. TOREX offers all the benefits below, and more:


Cooling Capacity

The TOREX can remove heat 6x faster than a comparable steel reservoir.

Space Savings

The TOREX takes up roughly half the space of a comparable 50-gallon reservoir.(5,600in3 vs. 11,550in3)