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M-D Pneumatics has been recognized industry-wide for our reliable positive displacement blower solutions. Positive displacement (PD) rotary blowers are an ideal choice where high-pressure, heavy-duty blower systems are required. We offer a flexible portfolio of positive displacement blower packages, each suited to boost performance for your specific applications.

From Pneumatic Conveying to Process Gas Boosting to Dairy Milking, M-D Pneumatics has a blower solution for your application. PD Plus blowers are a heavy-duty, high-pressure industrial blowers and are renowned for their quality, dependability, and outstanding performance. CP Series blowers are rated up to 18 PSIG and offer standard features that save hundreds in maintenance costs. Equalizer blowers offer distinct advantages such as reduced noise, drop-in replacement, and field convertible flow configuration to provide ultimate installation flexibility.

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What Are Positive Displacement (PD) Blowers?

A positive displacement blower moves gas or air from the upper inlet port into the stage using two parallel rotary pistons mounted within the conveying chamber, or blower housing. The pistons rotate in opposite directions to facilitate the conveyance of gas or air from the top to the bottom. Positive displacement blowers are commonly called PD Blowers or Rotary Blowers and are typically categorized as a lobe type or a screw type.

The PD Plus Series is a long-established line of premium, high-pressure industrial rotary blowers with heavy-duty models ranging from 3.25