Dry Bulk Blower Solutions

Reach New Pressure & Vacuum Levels

Our improved blower design keeps all the power, rugged performance, and reliability M-D Pneumatics is known for. All transport blowers are manufactured with IP69K rated breathers, improved slinger design, and enhanced leak protection - all at a lower weight - continuing to outrun, outperform and outlast other transport blowers with each and every load. Now with optional RS Advanced Technology, a patent-pending coating applied to the rotor lobes, our new enhancement drastically reduces “slip”, or air that is inefficiently trapped and recirculated in the blower rather than being pushed out through the discharge where it can then move your product. The T855RS can reduce dry bulk offload times by as much as 25%*, resulting in significantly reduced fuel consumption.

*Savings per truck, based on dry cement hauling field tests performed in 2020.

Liquid Bulk TOREX Solutions

Remove Heat 6x Faster & Save Space

M-D Pneumatics® has long been known for providing quality products to the bulk hauling industry, and is proud to now offer the TOREX hydraulic oil cooler. The TOREX hydraulic oil cooler is a pre-engineered, affordable, and highly efficient hydraulic oil cooling package. TOREX offers all the benefits below, and more:

Cooling Capacity

The TOREX can remove heat 6x faster than a comparable steel reservoir.

Space Savings

The TOREX takes up roughly half the space of a comparable 50-gallon reservoir.(5,600in3 vs. 11,550in3)