Supercharge Your Vacuum Pump

Kinney vacuum boosters are designed to handle your toughest applications. Vacuum boosters are positive-displacement dry pumps that supercharge vacuum pumps to provide an easy way to increase your flow — your cfm — and achieve deeper vacuum. Vacuum boosters use two-lobe rotors spinning in opposite directions to remove gas. This creates much faster pumping speeds and deeper vacuum levels and provides a quick way to get more cfm in the deep end with considerable money-saving on equipment and horsepower requirements.

Increasing a vacuum pump or vacuum system’s cfm reduces the evacuation time while increasing the ultimate vacuum of the backing pump by as much as eight times. When used separately to discharge the atmosphere, inlet pressure is typically limited to half-atmosphere.

The advantage is evident when placed in series with another vacuum pump. This provides higher pumping capacity and lower pressures typically at lower cost and power consumption. The backing pump can be an oil-sealed piston or vane pump; a liquid ring pump utilizing a variety of different sealants from water, solvents, or oil; or a dry vacuum pump.

Standard construction materials consist of a cast iron housing, end plates, and port fitting with ductile iron rotors and shafts. Special materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, ductile iron, and Bi-Protec are also offered. This allows Kinney vacuum boosters the flexibility to be utilized in a vast array of extreme or harsh applications where continuous operations are imperative.