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Dry Claw Vacuum Pump - KVC

Model: KVC60, KVC100, KVC150, KVC251, KVC301, KVC401, KVC501, KVC1000

Applications: Pick & Place, CNC Router Tables, Industrial Vacuum, Central Vacuum Systems, Thermoforming, Food Packaging, Degasification

The KVC Series claw pumps offer a compact footprint requiring a minimal amount of floor space. Contactless operation means minimal wearing parts and maintenance needed, and oil-free compression. The Kinney KVC dry claw pumps have a highly efficient design resulting in optimal CFM per HP.




Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps for Maple Syrup

The conventional way to collect the sap is to drill holes and hang buckets on the maple trees, however, this is time consuming. Download our application case study on Maple Syrup and learn how adding vacuum pumps to your process can save you time and money while collecting sap.

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