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Your Toolkit Of Vacuum Experts

Model: Custom

Applications: Vacuum Packaging, Vacuum Furnaces, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing, Solvent Distillation/Vapor Recovery, Solvent Recovery, Crystallization, Transformer Oil Drying, Vapor Coating, Dryers & Evaporators, Semiconductor Processing, Dry Etching

Kinney application engineers are ready to help you select the best system and combinations of components for your specific needs. Custom engineered system solutions to 12,000 CFM are available with a combination of vacuum boosters/air ejectors and roughing pumps for any vacuum application. Contact your Kinney distributor or call 800-825-6937 for assistance.

Booster Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Systems

Booster Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Systems

Booster Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump Systems

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Systems