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ACRP Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

Model: ACRP40, ACRP75, ACRP100, ACRP125, ACRP200, ACRP300, ACRP525, ACRP526, ACRP775, ACRP776, ACRP950, ACRP951

Applications: Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing, Deaeration, Extruders, Filtration, Solvent Distillation/Vapor Recovery, Degasifiers, Dehydration Evaporators, Vacuum Chilling

ACRP Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems are self-contained with recirculating liquid, liquid to air heat exchanger, and instrumentation.

ACRP Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems are fully assembled with all required system piping, and are fully tested prior to shipment. These air-cooled and self-contained vacuum systems require no make-up sealant or cooling water.

Flow ranges to 1000 CFM (1700 m³/h).