Water & Wastewater Applications

Blower and Vacuum Systems for Wastewater and Water Treatment by MD-Kinney. MD-Kinney is a leading provider of industrial vacuum systems (liquid ring, rotary vane, dry claw, dry screw vacuum pumps) throughout the Water and Wastewater Industries.


Wastewater aeration provides additional air into wastewater in order to aid aerobic microorganisms in the consumption and biodegradation of pollutants, thereby increasing the levels of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water. A sufficient and evenly distributed oxygen supply in an aeration system is key to achieving an economically sustainable and effective wastewater treatment program. M-D Pneumatics blowers are commonly used in the activated sludge process where air is pumped into a tank and recirculated back into the aeration basin in order to increase the rate of decomposition. Due to the contaminants present, wastewater must be treated prior to being put back into the environment, making it a highly standardized and monitored process.



Steam Recompression

Blowers are often used in wastewater treatment solutions for their ability to reach specific flow and pressure requirements demanded by each application while still tolerating the harsh environment of mechanical vapor recompression (MVR). Because vapor recompression often includes water injection to help keep the working fluids saturated for condensation and to generate heat waste into energy for re-use, blowers are ideal to help reduce downtime and increase the product lifespan.