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Dry Running Claw Vacuum Pumps - KVC

The Drying Running KVC Series claw vacuum pumps are compact, efficient and offer extremely low maintenance with flow rates from 62 to 1140 m3/hr and vacuum level 100 and 200 mbar A

MD-Kinney has launched a great new range of Claw vacuum pumps.  Claw pumps offer a dry technology for customers wanting to avoid oil or other liquid contaminants in the workplace.

The KVC range of products offers outstanding value for money and excellent reliability; as you would expect from Kinney vacuum pumps.

Specifically designed for this market, they deliver long term performance, excellent vacuum levels and low noise levels.  The XD model has coated internals for demanding or dirty applications.

They are supplied complete and ready for work; to include motor, pump body, silencer, all skid mounted and boxed.


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Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps for Maple Syrup

The conventional way to collect the sap is to drill holes and hang buckets on the maple trees, however, this is time consuming. Download our application case study on Maple Syrup and learn how adding vacuum pumps to your process can save you time and money while collecting sap.

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