MD-Kinney Branding

M-D Pneumatics and Kinney are separate brands under the MD-Kinney company name. M-D Pneumatics branding will be applied to blower solutions, while Kinney branding will be applied to vacuum solutions. When referring to both brands, or referencing the company as a whole, MD-Kinney branding will be applied.


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When referencing both M-D Pneumatics and Kinney brands together, or the MD-Kinney company as a whole, utilize the MD-Kinney company logo.  If material is referencing M-D Pneumatics or Kinney brands individually, it is acceptable to include the MD-Kinney logo as well, but not mandatory. When in doubt of what logo variation to use, MD-Kinney is a safe choice to utilize.


Kinney Vacuum

Kinney® is the brand you trust for vacuum pumps and vacuum boosters. Used in applications around the world, Kinney products stand up to the demands of harsh processes with proven vacuum technology. Kinney application experts design and manufacture custom vacuum systems by building strong relationships first. You can depend on this team to understand your needs and to build a vacuum solution that delivers.


When referencing only blower solutions or products, utilize the Kinney logo individually.

Approved brand colors: Registration Black, White, or MD-Kinney blue.


M-D Pneumatics Blower

M-D Pneumatics® is a market leader in the design and manufacture of quality blowers and blower packages. While our USA-made core products are tried and true, our innovation comes in customizable solutions that are unique to the needs of your application. You’ll find M-D Pneumatics blowers at the center of your material flow—from a legacy of dependability, to excellence in customer support.


When referencing only vacuum solutions or products, utilize the M-D Pneumatics logo individually.

Approved brand colors: Registration Black, White, or MD-Kinney blue.