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PD Plus Blowers 4000

Model: 4009, 4012

Applications: Solvent Distillation/Vapor Recovery, Pneumatic Conveying, Carpet Cleaning, Air Sparging, Fluidization/Agitation of Dense Powders, Mobile Vacuum Waste Removal, Pulp/Paper Processing, Fluid Bed Combustion, Digester Gas Processing, Pressure Boosting, Oil-Free Handling Fuel, Utility or Process Gases, Laser Recirculation Systems, Closed Loop Pneumatic Conveying, Steam Compression, Soil Vapor Extraction, Process Gas Boosting

Max. Vacuum: 15-17 in. Hg 

Model 4000 PD Plus heavy duty industrial blowers are designed for high performance applications, up to 18 PSI pressure or 17” Hg dry vacuum (24” Hg water injected). All models have sight glasses as a standard feature.