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International Manufacturers Reps

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10040 Mammoth
Av, Baton Rouge,
LA 70814, USA

International Manufacturers Reps - MD-Kinney Factory Certified Sales and Service

International Manufacturers Reps is a full service, stocking distributor carrying a wide range of MD-Kinney high performance, reliable positive displacement blowers, mechanical vacuum pumps, vacuum boosters, and engineered systems.

International Manufacturers Reps has been serving the industrial blower and vacuum needs of the area and offers a full range of M-D Pneumatics positive displacement blowers and Kinney mechanical vacuum pumps and vacuum boosters as well as OEM parts, lubricants, and accessories. As a certified MD-Kinney partner, International Manufacturers Reps understands the importance of uptime by providing dependable and reliable local service with factory certified technicians and field support services to keep your industrial process up and running smoothly.

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