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Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - KVO

Model: KVO50, KVO75, KVO100, KVO150, KVO200, KVO300, KVO400, KVO500, KVO700, KVO900, KVO1100, KVO1300

Applications: Freeze Drying, Vacuum Packaging, Filling & Sealing, Central Vacuum Systems, Thermoforming, Food Packaging, Injection Molding

The KVO vane series serves a variety of applications where high-volume air is required in applications up to 0.375 Torr (with gas ballast) for continuous operation. The KVO Series is an oil-sealed, multi-vane, single-stage, air cooled, and direct-driven vacuum pump. This design is rugged and durable with a heavy-duty construction for continuous duty applications. Oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps are simple, quiet, and efficient, offering a very attractive $/ CFM ratio when compared to other technologies. There are several model options across the Kinney vane pump product portfolio with capacity ranges from 35 to 903 CFM.




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