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DRSP/DRDP Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

Model: Simplex: DRSP75, DRSP100, DRSP125, DRSP200, DRSP300, DRSP525, DRSP526 - Duplex: DRDP75, DRDP100, DRDP125, DRDP200, DRDP300, DRDP525, DRDP526

Applications: Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing, Deaeration, Extruders, Filtration, Solvent Distillation/Vapor Recovery, Degasifiers, Dehydration Evaporators, Vacuum Chilling

Kinney® Duplex and Simplex Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Systems are fully assembled with all interconnecting wiring and piping. They are available as single pump systems or duplex systems for rapid pumpdown and alternating usage and wear. Systems are mounted on a common steel base and fully tested and painted before shipment. NOTE: Photo here shows the optional all stainless steel package; no control panel shown.